The Road Forward

Plans for 2022 can be broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Seek out and connect the STEM Maker community in the Wilmington area

  2. Host public, hands-on workshops for underprivileged youth

  3. Pursue funding

The website is up and running, ready to answer the call of any and all Makers, modders, electronic and computer hobbyists, etc. in the region. As word gets out and we see what everyone’s up to, we’ll schedule some get-togethers to discuss, brag, formulate, collaborate and otherwise socialize.

Once the school year starts back up, we will work with educators to identify 20-30 high school students that would like to work on STEM projects, but simply haven’t had the opportunity. These students will be offered invite-only workshops where they will build cool things. The workshops will be held at public spaces (details TBA) and all supplies will be provided.

The first workshop tentatively scheduled for September 24th will be Drone day. We’re already looking into the best kits and methods for an informative and interesting drone project. At the end each student will have their very own personalized drone, ready for future modding.

The second workshop, on October 22nd, is Arduino day, Halloween Bling edition. A week and a half before Halloween, we’ll use Arduino’s sandbox of limitless possibilities to create some truly awesome costume add-ons.

While we can accomplish a lot with temporary meetups and donated spaces, ultimately a Makerspace needs a space. And to do that, we need funding. In 2022, and beyond, we’ll be making connections with local businesses, writing grants and pursuing donations of time, money and equipment. It’ll be a busy year

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