Circuitry 101 - Our First Workshop

Last week we held our first public, free workshop for students. It was a great success. After introductions and a tour of the Makerspace, we sat down to discuss safety and the basics of circuitry. The safety portion included a demonstration of an exploding capacitor (a good inspiration to make sure you have the polarity right later on).

We discussed a simple circuit that uses a relay to make an LED light flash on and off, then built it on a breadboard.

It worked!

We then gave a tutorial on soldering and everyone used their new skills to assemble a blinking LED circuit to take home.

Afterward, we broke out the balsa wood airplane kits and had some fun testing them out in the beautiful fall weather.

Many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that made this happen. Shout outs to Hardik, Thomas, Chris, Alyssa, Cole, Dana and Devon. We couldn't do any of this without all of you. And, of course, to the students that joined us. We hope to see you again. Register for the next workshop at We'll be exploring the world of Arduino and learning how to program one to create custom light shows for Halloween costumes or decorations.

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